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Dr. Nicolas March


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Dr. Ákos Balázs

Senior Software Developer

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Senior Computer Vision Engineer

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Computer Vision Engineer

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Full Stack Developer

Agile Robotics

While robotics is well-established in industries where one part is manufactured in large quantities, small- and medium-sized enterprises have only recently started automating their production, owing to extreme flexibility demands: Manufacturing a variety of different products requires frequent reconfiguration of hard- and software, and the shorter the time for reconfiguration, the faster its amortization. Overcoming the imbalance between setup and net machining time is what we call “Agile Robotics.”

Efficient reconfiguration is mainly a matter of efficient programming. The sequential programming paradigm, where high level tasks need to be broken down into long series of elementary instructions, has been the industry standard for decades. We are shifting programming of industrial robots to a higher abstraction level, by outfitting them with an unprecedented level of autonomy. In particular, we believe that vision is key to intelligent/autonomous behavior and thus to simpler and more efficient modes of human-robot interaction.

Our Mission


Simplify robot programming through intuitive user interfaces


Enable economical use of robots in the production of small batch sizes


Improve robot reliability & accuracy through the power of AI


Reduce economic risks of automation through flexible pricing models

Join our mission.

Join our mission to enable small companies to use industrial robots by drastically simplifying robot programming through the power of AI. If you are fascinated like us by AI and robotics, we look forward to hearing from you.

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